LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE 1 Statistically over 70% of the people over 65 will need Long Term Care. Statistically, about 75 percent of all single people and 50 percent of all couples are penniless within one year of entering a nursing home. The average cost is approximately $80,000 a year. The odds of using LTC are 1 in 2, however the odds of having a house fire are 1 in 1250 and the odds of having an automobile accident are 1 in 240, but nobody would think of going without auto and home insurance. Let Long Term Care USA provide you with free no obligation Long Term Care Insurance quote in the privacy of your own home.

The “hard” reality is that before Medicaid will give you one dime to pay for your nursing home, you will be stripped down of everything you worked so hard for the last 30-40 years. The fact is that that you will have almost no money or assets (about $2000 allowed), and no house (house will be eventually taken if care exceeds value of house),  and they will give you approximately just $40 a month to live on for the rest of your life (You may currently keep a car). You can be placed in a nursing home of the government’s choice anywhere in your state and it may be 100-150 miles away from your loved ones, and you will have no control over your life anymore.

This can, in most cases be avoided with Long Term Care Insurance. The premium you pay goes up the older you are, so the sooner you purchase a policy the lower your premiums will be and you will actually save money on premiums in the lifetime of the policy. If you are over age 45 you should consider buying a Long Term Care Policy. The longer you wait to buy a policy, the more your policy will cost as you can see by the example on our Long Term Care Insurance Rates – Waiting Will Cost You More page.

LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE 2You should look into this as soon as possible and especially since most Long Term Care policies do not require a physical examination if you buy it at a moderate age. If you wait too long to purchase the Insurance Companies will require a physical and will not sell you a policy if you fail the examination or acquire some health condition.

Long Term Care USA is the Number 1 firm in America specializing in Long Term Care Insurance Quotes. We carry all the major Long Term Care Insurance companies. We do not, like most internet companies, “sell” your lead to a local agent who will try to make an appointment with you and “high pressure” you into buying a long term care policy on the spot. We do not like many financial advisors or local insurance agents just carry a 1 or 2 long term care insurance companies because they only sell a long term care policy once in a “blue moon”. Because we specialize in LTC care, we carry all the (10+) major “blue chip” LTC Insurance companies.

Questions to ask your local insurance agent or financial advisor?

  1. LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE 3How many LTC Insurance Companies do they carry?
  2. Do they know of or carry a Non-Profit Long Term Care Insurance Company that is priced 20% below other permiums
  3. Who are the Long Term Care Insurance companies that have never had a price increase from policyholders?
  4. Of the ten top Long Term Care Insurance companies which company typically has the least expensive rates?
  5. What are the statistics on which Long Term Care Insurance companies have the most complaints?
  6. How many times a year do you sell a long term care policy?
  7. What percentage of people have a long term claim for 3 years or less?
  8. How expensive is the average cost of daily long term care in your area?
  9. Statistically, for every person in a nursing home, home many people are receiving home health care?
  10. What are Partnership policies, and how can Partnership policy save me from becoming indigent?
  11. What state(s) do not reciprocate Partnership Policies, if I decide to move there?
  12. How long on average it will take single people and couples without LTC Insurance to spend their entire life savings in a nursing home?
  13. LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE 4What will be the estimated cost of a nursing home bed 10 years from now?
  14. What companies offer the best spousal discounts on the market?
  15. Can I deduct part of my Long Term Care premium given my age?
  16. How much can I deduct of my Long Term Care premium off of my taxes as a medical expense?Can I save money on my Long Term Care premiums by setting up a health saving account and paying them with pre-tax money?

The previous questions are just a small percentage of questions your Long Term Care advisor should know. Chances are your local agents and financial advisors will not know all the answers to all of these questions, as Long Term Care USA will. How can you expect to pay the least and receive the best coverage of a LTC policy if an local agent or advisor does carry all the top 10+ LTC companies, and has not studied the LTC field that a specialist like LTC USA has. You wouldn’t go to your barber to have your car repaired. If you want the most comprehensive selection and the most comprehensive information and facts, go to a specialist like Long Term Care USA.


Since we carry all the major LTC companies, we will not “steer” your decision. We want you to make choose the best policy to take care of you and your loved ones. Take your time in the comfort of your home with “no pressure”. Many of our clients take approximately one month to reach a decision.

Now you can find out all the information you need to make from one source, without ever having to meet a pushy sales agent. Rather than being just offered whatever your local agent is carrying and being “pressured” to their inferior and more expensive offerings, we will simply mail you quotes from all the major companies. The quotes have easy to understand side by side comparisons from the top ten companies that you can review in the comfort of your home.

Long Term Care is not something you can walk into an office or have a one-time sales meeting and make a spur of the moment decision with. There are aspects of LTC that need LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE 6to be carefully considered and compared, talked about with your loved ones and children, and requires carefully analyzing your financial position.

Let us send you the information in the mail today. We want you to become an expert like us in Long Term Care, so you can protect your loved ones. Ready to start, Just click on the “FREE QUOTE NOW” button below, fill out the form, to receive the information immediately or alternatively you can schedule an on line conference.

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