ABOUT US1Long Term Care USA is the Number 1 site in America to receive comprehensive information because we have the widest selection of “blue chip” Long Term Care Insurance Carriers available today, so that you may truly compare and save substantial amounts of money with your policy.  Unlike the vast majority of the other websites, who just simply take your name and “sell” your information to a local Insurance Agent who will come out to your house and use pressure to “strong arm” you to immediately sign an Insurance contract, Long Term Care USA does not do this.

ABOUT US2We can either send you the information to review at your leisure in the comfort of your own home, or you can schedule a non-invasive computer conference where can actually display current prices of policies on your computer screen and you can tell us what you want to be displayed over the telephone without the use of an invasive web cam. Long Term Care was never meant to be bought immediately after just a few hour “high pressure” meeting with a “strong armed” salesman, but has to be carefully considered with your family, children, health conditions, and resources available. It takes time to become an expert, that is comparing the offerings of the many companies and understanding the various options from each company that are available.

pharmacist1Long Term Care USA was founded by a pharmacist, who has spent a lifetime keeping people safe, being their advocate and improving their quality of living. After retiring from the pharmacy profession wanted to continue full time in a field that would also be involved in improving people’s life’s. After two decades of being entrusted with the care of people’s wellbeing, choose to continue with helping protect the financial assets of the family.

Remember, any “salesperson” is after all a “salesperson”, but when receiving advice from a pharmacist who is not dependent on the income from Long Term Care, you can be assured that you are going to be receiving the advice from a person who top priority is to protect you and your loved ones.

We know that a minority of the people may never use their Long Term Care Policy, so we will present to you various options to consider, while focusing on protecting your family from the high cost of Nursing Home care, but at the same time finding the least costly solution, thereby saving your family thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a policy.

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