The Best Long Term Care Insurance will always be with an independent agent

best long term care insurance 1When searching for the best Long Term Care policy for your loved ones, the best long term care insurance you can buy will always be with an Independent Agent. On the other hand, an Agent that works for a single insurance company is called a “Captive” Agent, and they work for and are paid by their sponsoring company. These captive agents usually are pressured to sell their sponsoring companies policies, and their company’s policies usually pay them the most in commissions. Many captive agents have quotas and are under pressure to sell a certain number of policies each month. Sure, many captive agents may provide you with “comparisons”, but they are going to steer you to their sponsoring company.  A true independent agent like Long Term Care USA, who has no sponsoring company or monthly quotas will always keep your family’s best interest in mind, and give you an unbiased perspective of the entire long term care market.

Captive Agents usually have a limited amount of Insurance Companies

A quality independent agent always strives to offer the consumers the most comprehensive list of insurance companies to choose from, by researching the details of all the companies offering long term care policies. Long Term Care USA offers consumers a multitude of choices with a large selection of Long Term Care policies. Long Term Care USA also takes the time to study the intricate details of all of the various policies and will inform you on the advantages and pitfalls of certain policies. Captive agents do not have the same motivation, and will typically offer you less Long Term Care Insurance Companies to choose from, since they want to drive you to their sponsoring company’s policy. Captive agents are not motivated to study the details of other policies, since they want to sell you their company’s policy, even though it may not be the best choice for your family.

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