When you buy long term care insurance online with LTC USA,  you will never have an immediate face to face meeting with a local agent, which is usually an very unpleasant affair.  You cannot analyze all of the fine details of a long term care policy in just a few hours and usually you will have a “pushy” agent who wants you to buy immediately. With long term care insurance policies you need time to consider and compare all of the subtle differences of the many companies offering policies and their fine print, analyze your income and assets, consider your medical outlook, review the implications of the policy with your tax adviser, and especially discuss the ramifications of policy with all of your loved ones. This is not something that should be decided on in the spur of the moment, and you cannot determine what is best for your family without taking time to analyze all the details. With LTC USA you simply receive the ltc on line information over the computer or thru the mail, with “no pressure” and you may take your time reviewing the information.

When you buy Long Term Care Insurance online with others, there are two primary approaches:

          1. ON LINE FORM: Fill out on online form to have some local agent make a presentation to you in your house. buy long term care insurance online 1When a local agent calls you on the telephone they typically have been trained to use some appointment setting monologues to set up a face to face meeting in your home. The presentation will be time consuming taking an average of 2 to 3 hours and many times is embarrassing when your sensitive health history is used to pressure you to buy the policy immediately. At the face to face meeting, while some agents are professional, most have been trained in in high pressure techniques to overcome all of your objections and to get you by the end of the meeting to pressure you to sign for a long term care policy and write a deposit check. It is not against the law to do this, but with such important considerations cannot be decided in just a few hours. This agent is not interested in you taking your time to study all your options with such an important purchase, as they are interested in not having to “waste their time” coming back to your house and are interested in receiving immediate commission from pressuring you to sign for the policy immediately. The agent that comes to your house probably only carries policies of a few of the insurance companies, and is not interested in you taking the time to investigate and compare the policies which they may not carry, and are probably considerably less expensive.


          2. LOCAL AGENT: Another method is just calling your local agent who sells you house insurance to make an appointment for a presentation in your house. Your local agent who sells you your house insurance does not specialize in long term care insurance. In fact, many local agents do not sell Long Term Care Policies and are only licensed to sell Property and Casualty, or Life Insurance, since you usually have to have a separate state license to sell Health or Long Term Care Insurance. Most insurance agents are “captive” insurance agents who work for one company, and the legal definition of an “agent” is that they represent the companies interest, not your interest. Even if your local agent is an “independent” agent, most local agents do not take the time or effort to offer the comprehensive list of Long Term Care Insurance policies, because they only sell a long term care insurance policy “once in a blue moon”. Of course, your local agent, no matter how long he has sold you policies, wants you to buy one of his limited choice of policies, even if his choice may not be in your and your loved ones best interest.

            On the other hand, the LTC online experience  with Long Term Care USA has a completely different way to let you become an expert of Long Term Care in the comfort of your own home, without any “pressure”. Ltc online with LTC USA offers a much more comprehensive list of LTC insurance companies than anyone else, that will save you a small fortune over time.

There are two different methods to buy long term care insurance online with Long Term Care USA:

        • With our first method, we willbuy long term care insurance online 2 simply mail you the quotes from the leading “blue chip” insurance companies and give you as much time in the comfort of your own home, as you want to determine whether long term care is a good fit for your family. Just fill click on “FREE QUOTE NOW” below and fill out the simple web form below with this method.


      • The second easy method to buy Long Term Care  Insurance online is to make appointment and we will show you the different policies on the screen of your computer with actual pricing direct from the companies. A web cam is not used as there is no intrusion into your home, and you can just simply view our website on your computer, and we can communicate over the telephone. You can direct us to show you different examples of coverage amounts from all the leading long term care insurance companies. There are no sales pitches or in house high pressure meetings. Our philosophy is to allow you to have the comprehensive information you need to make educated and thoughtful decision when buying long term care. Just call click on the “FREE QUOTE NOW’ below or call us toll free at 1-855-4LTCUSA (1-855-458-2872) with this method.
      1. When you buy Long term care Insurance online you have many options and offerings that can seem confusing. There are many “riders” and options that are unnecessary for most consumers, and in fact may cost you unnecessary high premiums. Long Term Care USA can guide you to an informed decision to choose the policy that is exactly correct for your circumstances.Remember that many other websites are independent websites that just sell leads to your insurance agents that set these in-home high pressure sales pitches. Long Term Care USA website is our own website, and we do not share anyone’s information. Also remember that with all insurance agents, the check is always written out to the Insurance Company and not the agent.
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