Financial Strength of the Insurance Company

The financial strength of long term care insurance companies are rated by independent companies such as A.M. Best, Standard and Poor’s, and Moody’s. A rule of thumb, it is always better to do business with a company rated “A-“ or better. However, there are times when a “B” rated company is the only one that will offer you a certain coverage or “rider” that you want.

LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE COMPANIES1Long Term Care USA only works with the very best top rated Long Term Care Insurance Companies. A few of our more popular companies include Genworth, John Hancock, Transamerica, Lincoln, and Transamerica, A consumer should always look for a reputable company with good financial strength ratings, but also a company that has a good reputation of treating its policy holders fairly. It is important to choose a company that will be financially strong and able to pay your long term care claim when you need it in the future.

Here is a link to the website that will rate LTC Insurance Companies for financial strength (just type in the Insurance Companies name)


Comparing Policy Features

LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE COMPANIES2Long Term Care USA can guide you and point out the often over looked subtle differences between the various policies that are important and can affect your family’s future. We will provide you with side-by-side easy to understand comparisons to enable you to effectively compare the differences and prices of all the major insurance companies policies.

Premium Rate Stability

Long Term Care Insurance companies, by law, have to make these policies “guaranteed renewable” which means they cannot increase the premiums in the policy because of changes in your age or health. They can, however, file an appeal with your state’s Department of Insurance for a class rate increase, which means, if approved, that everyone that has policy will have their rate increased. Be assured, that the insurance companies can never raise your premium on an individual basis.

Sales Market Share Statistics

The following are some of the sales market share statistics for the top selling long term care insurance companies for 2014. Keep in mind, just because a company sells a lot of policies, doesn’t mean it is the best policy.

  • Genworth                                                                17%
  • John Hancock                                                         12%
  • Transamerica                                                            4%
  • Mutual of Omaha                                                      2%
  • Mass Mutual                                                             1%
  • Lincoln                                                                      1%
  • United of Omaha                                                      1%

Long Term Care USA only works with the top Long Term Care insurance companies who have the best financial strength ratings. Some of the Companies include  John Hancock,  Genworth, and Transamerica. Just click the “Free Quote Now” button below to promptly receive all the information you will need to make an intelligent Long Term Care decision in the comfort of your own home, without any “high pressure salesperson”.

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