ltc online 2ltc onlineThere are articles on the correct Age to Buy LTC online (However we have shown under the page “LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE RATES -COST OF WAITING”  the longer you wait the more it will cost you at just about any mature age.) Morgan Fairchild talks to Bill Jones, President of MedAmerica Insurance Company regarding LTC Choices. We also have articles on LTC Taxation, LTC Options, and Step Rated Compounds (which we don’t generally recommend in most situations), among others. We also have 5 personal LTC STORIES about the experiences of people who have benefit from Long Term Care Insurance. We hope that you enjoy these videos.

Statistically over 70% of the people over 65 will need Long Term Care. Statistically, about 75 percent of all single people and 50 percent of all couples are penniless within one year of entering a nursing home. The average cost is approximately $80,000 a year. The odds of using LTC are 1 in 2, however the odds of having a house fire are 1 in 1250 and the odds of having an automobile accident are 1 in 240, but nobody would think of going without auto and home insurance. Let Long Term Care USA provide you with free no obligation LTC online insurance quote in the privacy of your own home.

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