Information in the mail, or a private on-line meeting with your telephone and your computer.

nursing home insurance cost 1There are no Long Term Care Insurance calculators on the web that will provide you with official quotes. However, Long Term Care USA will provide you the next best options that involve NO face to face sales meetings. We will mail you clear, concise easy to understand comparisons from all the top companies. As an alternative you can also click the “Contact Us” button and request a private online meeting. We will provide you with tips on how to reduce nursing home insurance cost.

Both have their pluses and minuses, for example if you know what you want to spend and want some time to examine the various options, then mailing is the best way to go. If you want to instantly know all the possible premiums to make a more immediate decision and are not sure of your budget, then a private online meeting is the best, because you can instantly request to see the various premiums and many other options and instantly view all the possibilities of your coverage in the privacy of your home without any cameras. In fact a lot of people request a private online meeting, and then have us mail them all the possibilities we covered. Remember, the online meeting is just us talking on the telephone with you directing us what you want to see, and you just view the screen of your computer while we instantly display certified quotes from the best LTC Insurance Companies to show you how to dramatically reduce nursing home insurance cost.

Keep in mind that premiums can vary greatly from company to company, and a specialist like Long Term Care USA who carries many more companies than your local insurance agent can save you time and frustration by instantly answering all of your questions in a short session. We represent over 10 major companies and we have a Long Term Care calculator for each of the company that will instantly give you an official quote to help you reduce nursing home insurance cost.

Your local agent probably will not carry all of these companies in the first place and will definitely not have our software that will give you an instant comparison quote in a matter of seconds on your computer screen in the comfort of your own home. Also, with your local agent you will never really have an opportunity to vary something to instantaneously see what the outcome would be, for example if you want a longer elimination period or if you want 3% or 5% inflation protection, without a lot of trouble. nursing home insurance cost 2Our process and software is so superior to the old fashioned way and limited options method of buying LTC polices thru your local agent who wants to steer you to their favorite companies, and with who you will never see all your choices and opportunities to save substantial amounts of money on premiums.

LTC Insurance premiums can vary from 15% to 65% on policies that are basically the same, so the amount you save can be substantial. So click on the button that says “FREE QUOTE NOW” at the bottom of the screen and start the process now.

Factors to consider

Spousal discounts with Long Term Care Policies: All of the insurance companies offer discount for a husband and a wife both applying for coverage at the same time. This discount varies from company to company but can be as much as a 40% discount.

Elimination Period: The elimination period is a waiting period before the policy before the policy actually pays out benefits. nursing home insurance cost 3

Inflation Protection: Insurance companies usually offer 3% and 5% compound inflation protection, and no inflation protection. A 3% inflation protection rider will double your benefits in approximately 24 years and a 5% inflation protection rider will double your benefits in approximately 14 years. Many local agents suggest no inflation protection as a way to save money, but there are other better ways to save money.

A less expensive policy is better than no policy at all: If long term care cost currently $150 a day in your locality, and you can only purchase a policy that covers $120 a day, you would still be better off with a $120 a day policy, than no policy at all.

Our major objective with Long Term Care USA is to give you comprehensive information from all the “blue chip” LTC Insurance companies so that you can make an informed decision, without sales pressure, in the comfort and luxury of you own home.

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